About hipSpace

hipSpace manages personal information by establishing to them time editable references, namely Objects, and by establishing time editable links between Objects. hipSpace interacts with others applications without impacting their current use. hipSpace records each event (adding, removing, resizing, moving, renaming, linking, unlinking, …) made to Objects, it can unwind and wind up these events in time, like a video tape recorder. With its recording, time editing and time browsing features, hipSpace offers new modes of interaction with information, improving the user experience and the user productivity.



In addition to usual tools, hipSpace uses the time to organize, archive and recall all your stuff on the Space.


Track shows in which time intervals a selected Object exists in the Space.

Time Cursor

Time Cursor allows the user to navigate over the time and recall the total state of the Space.


Drag Links between Objects and use the Filter Tool to display only the connected Objects, over the time. Each Objects can act as a “graphical and time editable” tag.


Files, folders, musics, apps, emails, contacts…, with no change to their original location: hipSpace merges any kind of informations in a single Space.

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Penny from Zurich

Penny is a fashion student. She browses through time in search of inspiration…